Programmer that loves solving problems with code, always looking for new and interesting challenges.

Prior iOS I did games and graphics programming.

I worked with a lot of startups and big clients like:

  • The New York Times
  • Headspace
  • Mashable
  • Unilever
  • Shell
  • The News International.

My work has received many awards including Apple Essential, Best of Year.

I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge, which led me to speak at over 20 conferences around the world and building libraries and tools used by thousands of developers, including immersive technologies like Playgrounds.

I take great pride in my professional craftsmanship. You can read how do I work.

If you’d like to learn more about me, here are a few podcast interviews:

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What clients are saying

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Featured Projects

Indie - Pixle

Oficial website for Foldify apps

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Although Foldify is my most successful Indie app, Apple has featured all of these.

  • Apple Essential app
  • Apple Best of 2013, Editor’s Choice
  • Apple Design Award nominee
  • #3 in USA Top Paid Overall
  • Received multiple awards, e.g. from the National Ministry of Culture
  • Received rave reviews from major technical sites, such as Wired, The Next Web and Gigaom

Not only have I been sole developer on the above projects, but having the background in game development I’ve also driven the UX experience.

Being pragmatic I’ve leveraged multiple languages to get the job done in most efficient way e.g. I wrote scripts in Ruby, cloud code in JS and created new programming paradigms like Behaviours to make my design team more efficient.

Commercial Work

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In my work, I focus not only on solving business issues but also looking for ways to empower my team.

I firmly believe that we are responsible for our team culture and processes, so I’m willing to fight for whats right for the whole team.

Some examples of companies where I was in Hands-on Lead:

  • The New York Times - I’ve worked in a team of 8 engineers on the main application, I’ve led the development of our front-end architecture.
  • The App Business - I managed a team of more than ten engineers across all company projects with clients like Headspace

My focus:

  • Leading architecture discussions
  • Working on ways to improve not only our code but also our development processes and team culture
  • Teaching other developers, doing internal talks and writing educational materials
  • Recruiting team members and establishing good practices

As a freelancer I also take on following tasks:

  • Recruit and set-up new iOS teams
  • Running workshops to level up team skills
  • General project reviews and providing recommendations for improvements
  • Establishing code quality guidelines and tech process

Platforms and Tools

In my path to improving team efficiency, I’ve created a lot of frameworks and tools that saved my team months of work, and my client’s tens of thousands of dollars.

Sourcery - Meta-programming for Swift:

Sourcery scans your source code, applies your personal templates and generates Swift code for you, allowing you to use meta-programming techniques to save time and decrease potential mistakes.

Playgrounds for Objective-C and Swift

  • Faster than Swift playgrounds (a lot)
  • Extra controls for tweaking
  • IDE agnostic, once you run it, you can modify the code even from vim
  • Full iOS Simulator and access to all system features

This and many other useful projects are available on my GitHub page

Before Mobile

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Before I started mobile development, I’ve been a game developer, creating my engines and games. This background allows me to notice UX issues in the apps I work on, which can be seen in my Indie work.

I value my game dev experience because that domain required me to grow in many different fields and solve complex problems, problems that most mobile developers will never be exposed to.

Some Examples:

  • Created my RTTI/Reflection and Serialization systems on top of C++
  • Wrote a WYSIWYG editor with automatic shader code generation
  • Implemented multiple renderers (DirectX, OpenGL) and different variants of rendering techniques (forward/deferred)
  • Created a custom physics engine, a custom AI scripting language and a custom GUI framework from scratch

Don’t forget to check out my open-source contributions.

Send me an email if you’d like to hire me or learn more about what I do.