Playgrounds for Objective C

Playgrounds are one of the niftiest features of Swift.

They allow you to quickly test out bits of code and see results in real time without going through the traditional edit-compile-run-debug cycle.

“But surely playgrounds aren’t possible in Objective-C?” you say… Think again.


  • Faster than Swift playgrounds (a lot)
  • Extra controls for tweaking:
  • Adjustable values
  • Autoanimated values
  • Buttons
  • IDE agnostic, once you run it, you can modify the code even from vim.
  • Full iOS simulator and access to all iOS features, so you can prototype production ready code.
  • Nice DSL for rapid prototyping
  • CocoaPods support, so you can add it to existing projects to experiment
  • Open source, anyone can contribute to make them better!

Source code on GitHub

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