How do I work?

I’ve been programming for 20 years now, doing commercial work for the last 8.

Over the years I’ve been exposed to different ideas and experiences that have constantly affected the way I work.

What matters and how I go about working for my clients?

A Swift introduction into fitness

Many people think getting fit is hard, the fitness industry is full of myths and unnecessary complications.

Doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight or gain it, what matter is Physics and law of energy:

If you burn more calories than you eat you will lose weight

Two questions arise:

  1. how to estimate our caloric needs?
  2. how fast should we lose or gain weight?

We’ll use Swift Playgrounds to explain it.

Writing less code

What are some of my favorite techniques for cleaner and more readable code?

Improving development speed

I wrote a blogpost about improving iteration speed and why code injection is awesome when you work on small changes.

Read it on Lextech blog

Implementing observable in Swift

KVO has been integral part of Cocoa programming, yet it’s not available for pure Swift classes.

Is there a way to implement your own implementation of native KVO?

Behaviours and Xcode 6

Last time I’ve written about Behaviours in Architecture Series.

Xcode 6 has some great improvements, few people realise that IBInspectable works on any class, not just views.

Let’s use that to improve upon my original Behaviours.

iOS App Architecture, Part 2: Data parsing

Last time we set our project, this time we look at how we could create a simple yet flexible architecture for our model layer.

Refactoring tricks

I believe in boy scout rule: ‘Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.’, that’s why I constantly refactor my code so it’s clean and tidy.

What are few less-known refactoring tricks I use to simplify code and make it more readable?

7 most common code issues

What are top 7 most common issues I find doing Code Reviews?

iOS App Architecture, Part 1: Setting up

This will be subjective look at creating iOS app, first part will focus on basics like project setup, folder structure, version control and some quality metrics.