About Me

I’m an experienced engineer, focused on iOS since its inception.

In addition to regular iOS development, I specialise in designing maintainable architectures and finding ways to make teams more efficient.

  • I’m a co-founder of Pixle, an indie development and UI design team. Apple has featured all our apps, with Foldify being Apple Essential and Best of 2013.

  • I’ve led development of apps such as The New York Times and Headspace.

  • I’ve created libraries and tools that have a huge impact on the iOS and macOS community. My code runs in more than 30 000 apps, including great products such as Tinder.

  • I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge, which led me to speak at over 30 conferences around the world.


I’ve been programming for over 20 years and started developing for iOS before the official SDK was available.

Here are some of the best apps I’ve worked on.

Learn more…

A lot of useful projects are available on my GitHub page.

Send me an email if you’d like to hire me or learn more about what I do.